Peanuts Coloring Pages

Peanuts Coloring Pages

The best thing that you can provide children to pass up their sticky fingers (Peanuts) for some fun activities is free printable fun activities. Found the mother lode of free fun activities for children featuring Snoopy coloring sheets, Charlie Brown coloring sheets, Peanuts coloring sheets, Charlie Brown fun coloring sheets and even fun activity plans that children of all ages could get excited about! It's just the thought of all these wonderful printable fun activities that are just waiting to be printed out and used that I get really excited. There are a variety of free printable activity sheets available on-line and if I run across any that have pictures of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, I'll print them out and use them for my own children's coloring sheets.

There are a lot of websites that offer free coloring sheets for children and one of those is "Peanut Butter Squeezers" which offers many fun free printable fun coloring pages. Another great website is "Candy Corn Corner", it offers several different types of fun, seasonal coloring pages that will liven up your kids' holiday table. My favorite are the candy corn shaped coloring sheets that allow you to fill in the candy corn, and it's so much fun seeing how the shapes come out and how your kids immediately get excited over them. Some of the more popular seasonal coloring pages the "ugar sprinkles" and the "bananas" designs.

Many people enjoy creating their own versions of Halloween scenes from Halloween trivia books and movies. For the most part, there are only a few really good sources for this type of fun colored pictures and for the most part, the coloring pictures on the Internet are grainy and hard to see. Luckily, there is a great resource that is not on the Internet, and that is the "Peanut Butter Gang" book and CD. These colorful picture books and CDs are great for learning new colors, expanding your child's imagination and of course having fun coloring.

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The "Space Theme" book is perfect for coloring in your child's favorite space movies. You can also use the book and CD for your own Space themed coloring sheets. Some of the pages are even free coloring sheets! There are many different free resources for coloring and many of them are available on the internet.

For those of you who are into " Simpsons" characters, " Bart" or " Lisa" characters there are some great " Simpsons" coloring pictures that are available at "Simpsons Cheezebag" websites. The website "Simpsons Cheezebag" offers many great looking cartoons and lines for your child to color. One website that is truly informative is "Simpsons Cartoons". Here you will find over 60 different illustrated bookmarks that feature various aspects of the popular animated family.

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As far as "Sponge Bob" coloring sheets go you can find some really great ones for your kids ages 8-10 at My Pillow Pets. There are two forms of Sponge Bob coloring pages that are included in their selection. You can choose from a special "Hopper" that will have your kid taking a picture of one of their most favorite cartoon characters and then giving it to you for a home coloring. Or if you would prefer they could keep their original drawing and then send it in. They even offer the perfect size of 10" square sponge bob paper rolls that can be used for most any coloring project.

For the younger set there are some great Halloween coloring pages that you and your kids can create. Just remember to pick simple pictures that are bright and colorful. Most of the Halloween scenes are from "The Wizard of Oz" with the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man as your kids favorite characters. If you know your kids best, this is a great way to bring them into the Halloween spirit. They will love having their own "chairs" at the party that has been created just for them.

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As you can see there are many different learning resources that you and your child can benefit from. There are some great websites that are dedicated in bringing you educational pictures and games that are both free and interactive. If you are looking for a website to host your children's art, this will be a great resource to use. So start browsing some of the best Halloween, elementary school, elementary age coloring pages today and help your children enjoy coloring and drawing for years to come.

writen by Okta Habibi | March 30, 2022

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